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NOt just wall art, but your next advert as well? www.trike-design.co.uk

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There are some great 3 wheeled (and two wheeled) creations that rumble around the country born in Wales and I have created various pieces of art for Hank at www.trike-design.co.uk over in Wales the creator. Some with 2 wheels but mainly with 3, from just a photo I have created some really cool art for his wall which we have then turned into an advert for the "trike" magazine and Back Street Heroes, now that's working smart!  Here I re positioned the Snake bike, as used in the Para Olympics opening ceremonies in one of my unique Route 66 old school pick up truck backdrops.

What can i create for your wall, which can then act as an advert?  Call Rob on 07980 801011 for ideas and a free sample.