"when you decide to change direction, choose to really live your life, make sacrifices, learn, learn more, endure, focus, make more scarifices, focus more.... remember to have a look over your shoulder at the long winding road behind you, it help's you to remember with even more passion... your living the dream"  Thank you to everyone who knows the story!!!   With 100's of happy customers, here's a few and thankyou to you all!

Click here to see what I created for Fareham Solicitors Churchers under the heading of "something unique and personal"

j class yacht art customer

"I thought you would like to see that we have now hung your sailing picture up in our house in France. Have a good Christmas and a 'prosperous' new year "                    Photographed in a force 5 in a rib, crafted in Southampton and exported to France (ish) Single hand idly trying to get Britian on track! ?  Thankyou so much Averil!

Hi Rob, the picture looks great, thankyou! Joe     Scilly Isles

QE2 Art for sale customer picture